Welcome to AFTERTHOUGHTS by ECHO Canada

A place for us to keep each other updated on the books we’re reading, films we’re watching, & podcasts we’re listening to.


Monthly video calls known as Community Chats will usually take place on the last Friday of each month.

Continuous conversation in this group is encouraged!

Recommendations are always welcome.

If you cannot afford something we are discussing, please let the group know & we will find a way to get you a copy.

🍃 Your involvement in any discussion is completely voluntary. If you don’t feel like contributing or want to skip out on a given time period—feel free.


Will be broad enough for discussion on various works, current events, personal thoughts, & prior knowledge.

🍃 All opinions, stories, vulnerabilities are valid & will be kept private.

🍃 This is an open, welcoming space. Feel free to add new members at any time.


We will only read short sections at a time.

Please do not read too far ahead, as it is crucial we absorb and discuss the content of the writing together!

No spoilers (open discussion of content ahead of assigned reading amount).

SHOP RESPONSIBLY (cheap/local bookstores):


Discussed in addition to books or topics of the month.

Some group streaming services: Netflix Party, Metastream, and Spotify Group Sessions. Post links so anyone can join!

🍃 No discrimination or prejudice will be tolerated.


TRIGGER WARNING: Some educational resources carry sensitive material including mentions of trauma, racial discrimination, & violence against women. Please read at your own discretion. If you require support at any time, please call the National Suicide Prevention Support Line at 1-833-456-4566 or visit for local resources.
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